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How To Make Rocks

Information on how to make rocks is available in the tutorial at www.ArtificialRock.ca Everything pictured on this website was made using the ArtificialRock.ca techniques

Fake stone address marker

Learn how to make rocks using the single most versatile building medium - concrete. This concrete rock was built around a lamp post that was rotted away. The rock now supports the lamp post and doubles as an address marker stone with the addition of stenciled numbers.

An address stone this size would cost a minimum of a few hundred dollars. This multipurpose solution to a problem cost somewhere in the range of $10 to build.

Make Rocks From Concrete

Since concrete and sand are the two least expensive construction materials on the planet AND concrete makes the most lifelike, real and convincing fake rocks in every sense, using concrete to make rocks is the best method to choose when beginning to learn how to make rocks.

Foam rock form

For making concrete rocks you can use foam to build a form for the stone. This makes the finished product rock extremely light in comparison to real rocks.

People pay to get rid of old hot tub covers that are made entirely from foam. You can usually find these for free is you look hard enough for them.

Faux Rocks

Faux rocks are any type of fake rock product made from any one of a number of materials. There are now many different types of faux rocks ranging from concrete rocks, acrylic rocks, resin rocks, fiberglass rocks, GFRC rocks as well as a number of different lightweight concrete applications for making rocks such as hypertuffa.

Each of these type of rock has advantages and disadvantages which range from weight, versatility, availability of components, likeness to real stone, ease of use and of course cost.

Concrete Rocks

weight =            moderate
cost =                very low
availability =      very high
realistic =          very high
ease of use =    moderate

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GFRC Rocks

weight =            moderate to light
cost =                high
availability =      uncommon
realistic =          very high
ease of use =    difficult

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Plastic, Resin & Fiberglass Rocks

weight =            very light
cost =                low
availability =      high
realistic =           low
ease of use =    difficult

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