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Concrete Rocks

Information on how to make rocks is available in the tutorial at www.ArtificialRock.ca Everything pictured on this website was made using the ArtificialRock.ca techniques

Concrete Rocks

Concrete rock troweled smooth

The concrete is added to a form consisting of foam and steel layers. The concrete is then troweled smooth in preparation for the sculpting and texturing stages still to come.

Concrete for sculpting rocks is a special and uncommon mix which allows for maximum density and also is very "sticky" which allows for vertical placement and finishing.

How To Make Concrete Look Like Stone

Concrete rock sculpting stage

Rocks made from full strength concrete can be used for almost limitless projects from address markers to landscaping boulders and from waterfalls to hot tubs and swimming pools.

The versatile nature of concrete combined with its extremely low material cost makes concrete the ideal material for making rocks. Concrete also has very similar properties to real stone in that the both look and feel almost identical.

Making Rock Textures

Concrete rock texture

Using texture mats, or imprints of real rock textures, and then stamping these patterns into wet concrete will yield results that are indistinguishable from real rocks.

The addition of a complex layered painting process enhance this realistic look even further making a well built rock from concrete an almost exact copy of real rocks no matter how close you look or touch them.

Realistic Looking Rocks

Concrete rock paint

Concrete rocks textured using real stone texture imprints are already so realistic that they look exactly like real stone before painting.

Once painted the rock takes on such a realistic look and feel that it looks identical to real stone and often will be mistaken for the real thing - even by experts.

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