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Fiberglass Resin Rocks

Information on how to make rocks is available in the tutorial at www.ArtificialRock.ca Everything pictured on this website was made using the ArtificialRock.ca techniques

Fiberglass Resin Rocks

Rocks made from plastic or resin while very lightweight are commonly regarded as an eyesore. They are immediately recognizable as being made from plastic and have little to no actual likeness to real rocks other than general shape and color. If you want something that will be convincing then you should definitely stay away from any form of plastic. ABS, PVC, resin or fiberglass rocks.

In addition to this if you are looking to make your own rocks, working with plastics, fiberglass and resin is not suitable for the average home user. These chemicals are very difficult to work with and require the use of many strong and dangerous chemicals for the process.

Advantages Of Plastic Rocks

Fiberglass is extremely strong, as much as 9 times stronger than steel by weight, so this is an advantage of fiberglass rocks in that you can build something substantially strong while still being relatively lightweight. For home applications it is not likely that you will be able create lifelike textures and shapes found in real rocks as working with fiberglass and resin is very limiting.

From a finished product perspective the extreme lightweight nature of resin rocks actually causes some problems in that they are prone to being toppled or blown over from the wind and are often stole, damaged or vandalized since they can be picked up and carried away easily by one person. This combined with the fact that plastic and resin rocks are easily distinguishable from a distance as being fake makes them a target.

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